Crop Packaging

At Carrs Billington we pride ourselves with being at the forefront of crop packaging technology, our long and close association with leading manufacturers allows us to supply a range of products engineered to meet the needs of modern silage bale wrapping applications giving you the confidence to get on with the job.

Our market-leading range of balefilms are produced by state-of-the-art multi-layer air blown extrusion technology using the best raw materials and polymers.  All films exhibit a combination of properties with excellent impact, tear and puncture resistance, ensuring an airtight barrier producing optimal fermentation and maximising the potential of your silage.

Good quality silage sheets are vital to preserve your clamp and we offer some of the strongest silage sheets on the market.  Superior sheets are more puncture and tear resistant, looking after your crop and are more cost effective for your crop.  We can supply film silage sheets, or if you prefer, all-in-one top sheet and film, we can cater for your needs. To top off your clamps, we have market leading proven SecureCovers and gravel bags, to keep your sheets in contact with your clamp and adding additional weight and security.

We work with market leading suppliers of Netwrap and have many years experience as suppliers of our own brand of Total Cover Plus Netwrap, proven to deliver performance criteria demanded by farmers and contractors across the UK.

As key suppliers of quality Twines supplying superior product for all balers, sisal , Hay , Medium , Fine and including the latest range required for new generation High-density square balers .

Whatever your requirements, we will have the twine for you.

For more information on our crop packaging offering, contact our Forage line on 08000 234416.

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Bale Wrap

Our bale wrap range features multiple layers of co extruded film developed with high performance advanced polymers and manufactured on the latest state of the art extrusion production systems.