Bale Wrap

Our Epic bale range is the strongest and most technically advanced wrap on the market ensuring consistently reliable, high quality and high performance.

In order to provide the ideal ensiling environment bale wrap needs to offer a number of important elements such as strength, puncture and tear resistance, elasticity, UV stability and the ability to cling in all circumstances. 

Our bale wrap range features multiple layers of co extruded film developed with high performance advanced polymers and manufactured on the latest state of the art extrusion production systems. 

Zeus have been manufacturing and supplying crop packaging for 25 years. We use the most advanced manufacturing processes to ensure consistently high quality, high performing products. Our global presence allows us to be at the forefront of product development. 

Our ranges of sheets, wrap, net and twines provide comprehensive solution for all your baling and ensiling needs. 

Please contact your local Carr's Billington store to provide comprehensive solutions.

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