Purple Bales & WellChild

Welcome to the Carr’s Billington 2023 purple page!

For the ninth year Carr’s Billington are supporting WellChild, the national children’s charity that does amazing work throughout the UK for seriously ill children.

So far we have donated over £50,000 from the proceeds of the purple wrap and from fundraising activities by Carr’s Billington staff, but we have only managed this with the amazing support of our customers’ and their families. We have also supported this great charity by helping to promote them and their activities, and although we will be making another significant contribution to the charity, our primary aim for 2023 is to promote the charity. We want even more people to know about WellChild and the amazing work their staff undertake and the support they provide children and their families. WellChild work toward giving children with serious health needs the best chance to thrive – at home

More than 100,000 children are estimated to be living across the UK with serious or exceptional health needs. Many spend months, even years in hospital simply because there is no support enabling them to leave. For families already at home,  their ability to keep their children safe is constantly challenged by inconsistent and inadequate levels of training and support.

WellChild’s aim is to give this growing population of children the best chance to thrive – properly supported at home, together with their families. They do this through a range of services which include:

  • 51 Children Nurses across the UK – enable children with complex needs to leave hospital and be cared for at home

  • Helping Hands programme – enlists volunteers to create accessible sensory gardens in children’s homes

  • Better At Home Units –  train parents to care with confidence at home

  • Family Tree –  connects families who feel isolated via social media, on-line group meet ups and coffee mornings for mutual support

  • Information Hub – digital resources to inform and provide support for parents

Colouring-In Competition Launch

We are launching the campaign with a colouring-in competition for the little artists in your life. Perhaps something to keep them occupied during the school holidays?! The winner will receive a goody bag and their artwork will become the back drop of the certificate that the participants of the bale campaign will receive. Entries close 1st August. The link to print the colouring-in page is below. Once complete email to marketing@carrs-billington.com

Terms & Conditions Apply read here

Purple Bales Competition

We want our customers to share, like and post pictures of their purple bales far and wide. We will provide sticker packs to anyone who needs them, just make sure you use the hashtag #purplebales and tag @WellChild on social media.

If you purchase purple wrap you will need to call, email or message us to get your stickers to create your emoji display on your bales.

Once your masterpiece is complete, send your pictures to marketing@carrs-billington.com  and we will post them on our social media, or tag us on your own page, ensuring the privacy settings are set to ‘Public’.

Terms & Conditions Apply read here

There will be an announcement shortly on the extremely exciting prize for the winner of the Purple Bales competition.

To order your wrap

Call our Freephone Forage Line to order your Purple Bale Wrap on 08000 234416

To print your colouring-in page

Well Child Colouring-In Competition (click here to display and print)

Send entries to marketing@carrs-billington.com

To order your emoji stickers

Call our Forage line: 08000 234416
Facebook: @carrsbillington
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Call our Freephone Forage Line to order your Purple Bale Wrap, Net Wrap & Emoji Stickers.
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About the Product

Epicrop Bale wrap 750mm x 1500 m x 25mu
The 5-layer film ensures an enhanced management of raw process materials and optimised additive distribution in every layer.

  • UV Protection
  • Greater Mechanical Strength
  • Tighter Tolerances
  • Improved Oxygen
  • Better Adhesion