Pig Feed

Our diets are formulated and manufactured to maximise efficient and profitable growth for pigs kept under a range of production/management systems. Mastergrow 512 pellets (25kg bags) can be fed from 5 to 12 weeks of age as a grower or early finisher diet. Mastergrade 1022 pellets (25kg bags) can be fed ad-lib to growing and finishing pigs from 10 weeks of age onwards. It is a lower protein diet than Mastergrow to better match the needs of later finishing stock. Masterbreed SSMeal/Pencils and Masterrange Rolls (25kg bags) are designed for feeding to gilts and sows during pregnancy to give good fertility, litter numbers and birthweights. They can also be fed during lactation to help the sow milk well and produce strong, healthy piglets at weaning. Masterrange rolls are ideal for sows kept outdoors as they can be fed on the ground.

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