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Fuels & Lubricants

agricultural fuelagricultural fuel

Agriculture Fuel

Carrs Billington Fuels has a strong presence in the farming sector as a division of Carrs Billington Agriculture, who have been supplying animal feed, farm machinery and other agricultural goods to farmers in the North of England and Scotland for many years.

commercial fuelscommercial fuels

Commercial Fuel

A responsive tailored solution is offered to all customers, as we understand the importance of a secure reliable partner, with efficient delivery and service. We currently supply hospitals, emergency services, schools, local authorities, charitable trusts, haulage contractors and transport organisations.

home heating oilhome heating oil

Home Heating Oil

Our wide network of depots allow Carrs Billington Fuels to distribute heating oil quickly and efficiently to households throughout the region.

Carrs Billington Fuels have the experience delivering central heating oil to provide a reliable service to most locations, including harder to reach properties with our mini tankers.

fuel pump collectionsfuel pump collections

Pump Collection

We can remove all the environmental and financial worries of storing fuel on your site and still provide you with the benefits of bulk fuel prices.

We can allow you to purchase and collect Red Diesel, Gas and Derv, run your stock for you without stock loss and allow you to collect Red Diesel, Gas and Derv from our local sites  at Carlisle, Cockermouth and Hexham.



We offer the highest quality lubricants for all applications, from passenger cars to heavy duty commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery. The lubricants have been used, tested and approved by major equipment manufacturers such as Volvo, VW, Porsche, John Deere, Massey Ferguson and Ford.

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Place a Order

Due to the escalating prices on fuels currently.  We are not able to provide quotations by email.

Please contact us and speak to one of our team members for a up to date quote.

Call 01228 534342 or Place your order with your local Fuel Depots. Find local Depot here.

Carrs Billington Fuels are dedicated suppliers of fuel and lubricant products to domestic, agricultural and commercial customers.  We pride ourselves on reliable, efficient deliveries, while supplying competitive prices.

Carrs Billington Oil Division operates from eight locations in Cumbria, Lancashire, Dumfries and Northumberland

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