Why does the price of heating oil change every day?

Prices in the international markets change every 15 seconds. Carrs Billington Fuels follow the marketplace to provide our customers the most up to date prices on all our products.

What makes the prices change so much?

There are many factors that affect prices including the weather and time of year, conflict in certain parts of the world and exchange rates.

What is the minimum order?

Regulations require to dispense a minimum of 500 litres.

How often will I require heating oil?

This will depend upon the size of your tank and your consumption. Most households only need to order two or three times a year.

How can I avoid running out of oil?

Carrs Billington Fuels can supply Watchman fuel monitors which can help you monitor your levels easily. Alternatively you can join our automatic top-up service and we can manage you fuel for you.