Livestock Handling & Feeding

As one of the biggest purchasers of agricultural metalwork in the UK, Carrs Billington can satisfy all your livestock handling, feeding and management requirements. We carry large stocks of cattle ring feeders, standard, heavy duty or tombstone. We also have a wide selection of portable sheep and cattle troughs, mangers, bale racks, creep feeders and feed cradles.

Handle your stock safely with our range of heavy duty cattle crushes, available with or without weighing equipment or EID readers. Sheep shearing, foot maintenance and vaccinations can be made simple with turnover crates, crushes and squeeze systems. We can also offer in-field or fixed sheep races, shedding and management systems that can be created to suit your individual requirements.

Our association with Swaledale Trailers, Portequip and Graham Edwards provide stock feeding and transportation solutions, again with stocks available within our branch network.

livestock feederlivestock feeder
livestock handlinglivestock handling
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