Service and in-depth diagnosis of your system

Digestion is well suited to wet agricultural wastes, residues and crops. This does however produce an acidic gas that requires a lubricant to suit. Carrs Billington can supply the two following lubricants, depending on the acidity levels of the gas.

Nateria MH 40 is a low-ash (<0.5%) detergent mineral oil for natural gas engines. This oil is recommended for the lubrication of modern natural gas fueled spark-ignited engines that require ash content between 0.35 % and 0.5 %. These engines are generally used in cogeneration (CHP = combined heat and power) power plants, standard power plants, gas compression, etc.

NATERIA MH meets the requirements of all major manufacturers, and is approved by the following manufacturers :

  • CATERPILLAR (séries 3300 à 3500)
  • MTU – MWM
  • PERKINS – WAUKESHA (APG 2000/3000)
  • WARTSILA (220 SG)

Nateria MJ 40 is a medium-ash (<1%) detergent mineral oil for spark-ignited and dual fuel gas engines and biogas engines. Ideal for low-halogen content landfill gas engines. For engines fed with medium and high halogen contaminated landfill gases, use Nateria ML.

NATERIA MJ 40 meets the requirements of all major manufacturers and is approved by the following manufacturers:

  • MAN
  • MDE
  • MWM
  • MTU


Included in our service is free monthly sample testing from Total Anac Gas, which confirms the acidity levels of your oil.

ANAC GAS is an in-depth diagnosis system for the follow up of the behaviour and depletion of the lubricant and the mechanical wear condition of industrial gas engines.

ANAC GAS is recommended for : – Follow-up of engines operating on natural gas, landfill gas and other gases. – Determination of the optimal oil drain period