Bale Net

Epicrop bale net is manufactured using the latest developments in net technology. The range of features and benefits mean fewer rolls and less baling time. 

Zeus have been manufacturing and supplying crop packaging for 25 years. We use the most advanced manufacturing processes to ensure consistently high quality, high performing products. 

Our global presence allows us to be at the forefront of product development. Our ranges of sheets, wrap, net and twines provide comprehensive solution for all your baling and ensiling needs. 

Please contact your local Carrs Billington store to provide comprehensive solutions.

Using Epicrop Bale Net:

  • Full Bale coverage performance.
  • High strength to cope with the heaviest of bales.
  • End warning system that alerts operator when  there is 50m left.
  • Guaranteed minimum length ensures value formoney.
  • Consistent and trouble-free baling.
  • UV stabilised.

Using Cheap Bale Net:

  • Leaves shoulders which lead to trapped air leaving mould on the silage.
  • Cheap netwrap will only work on some baler types.
  • Tearing on hay and straw.
  • Less bales per roll as more bale net is required to keep bale together.
  • Means customers holding you accountable for poor quality bales!
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