VITALYX Flock Health

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Specifically formulated balance of minerals, vitamins, and trace elements to optimise health and performance of flocks on forage throughout the year.



Elevated levels of selenium, iodine, and cobalt.

Supports good flock health and performance.

Fortified with Vitamin B12, Cobalt and B1.

Promotes thrifty stock, helps to combat “pine” and incidence of CCN, “star-gazing” in sheep.

Contains a source of protected zinc

Supports hoof integrity and combat the risk of lameness.

Benefits from 5% magnesium.

Helps protect ewes post lambing from grass staggers.


Use: Throughout the sheep year, to supply essential minerals and vitamins in mixed grazing. Can also be fed to cattle on mixed grazing where extra copper is not needed.

Ideal for: All sheep.

Typical intakes: Up to 40g/head/day.

Available as: 20kg tub