Johnston & Jeff No 1 Parrot Food

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Johnston & Jeff’s No. 1 Parrot Food is designed to be nutritionally correct as well as having a wide variety of ingredients for behavioural enrichment. Just because it is their “standard” mix, that does not mean it is spared the Johnston & Jeff treatment! This traditional base food contains 16 ingredients, comprising a wide variety of shapes, colours, textures and tastes for your feathered friend to forage through. Feed with fresh fruit and vegetables or their Fruit, Nut & Veg Mix, to serve up a diet that’s so much more than standard.


Medium striped sunflower seed, whole maize, safflower seed, natural groats, red dari, white sunflower, buckwheat, jumbo peanuts, puffed wheat, flaked peas, peanuts, chillies, puffed maize, flaked maize, vegetable oil and pine nuts.